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We have Developed a Comprehensive 5-Phase Process for Implementing our Solutions and Services

Our approach is designed to deliver business value at each phase of the process, making the most efficient use of our clients’ time, resources, and capital commitments.


Discovery Design Implementation Migration Maintenance
Assess Maturity Level and Develop Business Cases Customize Analytical Infrastructure Architecture Rapidly Integrate the Solution into Environments Create Enthusiastic Adoption Plan Monitor and Quickly Respond to Events
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Discovery Phase

We begin all client relationships with a Discovery Phase. Our objective is to analyze the current implementation and identify areas of potential improvement in your systematic investment process. We compare your analytical infrastructure against the NorthStar Maturity Matrix, and design an accelerated solution for fast implementation. The deliverables include comprehensive business case, strategic roadmap, and end-state solution.

Design Phase

The objective of the Design Phase is to explore the current system to identify any obstacles we may encounter during implementation. We design how our solution will interact with all existing data sources, databases, models, and analytical applications to ensure a rapid and successful implementation. The deliverables include user-led business and technical requirements, system architecture and workflow, and proofs of concept to test systems integration.

Implementation Phase

During the Implementation Phase we follow our Strategic Roadmap to rapidly roll out solution features that will provide immediate value to your end-users. The deliverables include low-level design artifacts and integration code across systems.

Migration Phase

The most important objective of the Migration Phase is to develop a user adoption plan to ensure that users enthusiastically embrace all system changes. We provide you with clear “before” and “after” examples, and outline the solution’s capabilities that will improve user satisfaction. The primary deliverable is a user adoption plan.

Maintenance Phase

The objective of the final phase, the Maintenance Phase, is to define the operational procedures that analysts, managers, curators, and administrators require in order to manage the system. The deliverables include user and maintenance guides.

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