Empowering Data-Intensive Financial Analytics x


Generating Tangible Results in Data-Intensive Finance

Advanti offers a unique set of services designed to fill the gap between raw data and the smart investment models you develop. 

We think of ourselves as living at the intersection of structured and unstructured data, data-intensive statistical analysis tools, and high-performance database platforms.

3-1-1 Actionable Roadmap

Do you seek to improve the speed, reliability, or transparency of your financial analytics data pipeline?
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Historical Security Master

Do weak cross-vendor mapping or changing identifiers make it hard to access data for analysis?
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QA Direct Data Integration

Do you struggle to navigate through QA Direct trying to acquire the data you need for research and analysis?
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Bloomberg Data Integration

Are you wrestling with extracting historical and live data from Bloomberg for use in your predictive models?
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FactSet Data Integration

Do you spend too much time moving around your FactSet data to be able to utilize it for analysis?
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Analytical Data Integration

Do you need to acquire, integrate, and prepare data from a variety of internal and external data sources?
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Data Quality Monitoring

Are you concerned with the quality of the mission critical data you use to make your investment decisions?
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Big Data Platform Integration

Are you interested in leveraging a Big Data platform that will improve your front-office analytics?
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