Empowering Data-Intensive Financial Analytics x


Advanti Polaris: Big Data Analytical Infrastructure Solution


Analysts spend valuable time dealing with the low-level mechanics of data

We see analysts who have brilliant ideas but face obstacles before they can actually use their financial data. Before backtesting or performing a simulation, analysts must first: acquire the data, clean it, transform it into something usable, match it across vendors, and stitch it back through time.


Our fast, flexible, and reliable solution allows analysts to focus on their core strategies

We help bridge the gap between smart analytical tools and a variety of structured and unstructured data sources. Our flexible and high-performance infrastructure is customized to fit specific data analysis needs now, and to allow growth for the future.


High-Performance Database
Structure, Unify, and Cache Big Data in a High-Performance Database

Entity Manager
Match, Map, and Stitch Securities through Time

Data Access & Manipulation
Expose Big Data in the Research Language of Your Choice

Derived Data Manager
Create, Manage, and Utilize Proprietary Data within Your Data Fabric

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